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My Story

In 2012 I was diagnosed with alopecia, and my spontaneous cycles of hair loss made me feel so insecure. I was losing hair on my scalp, my eyebrows, and my eyelashes. Many days it was difficult to feel normal, but putting on a pair of false eyelashes always made me feel beautiful. 

There were still a lot of difficulties with the false eyelashes that I tried. The styles were too light in volume, and even though they looked dramatic, they didn't give me the results I wanted. Then there were the lashes that were too long or didn't have the right curl for my monolids. 

As the Asian American lexicon began expanding and developing, I started learning more about eye shapes and facial features, and realized the beauty of our culture is still yet to be represented to its fullest. 

Working with licensed lash estheticians and a distributor with over 10 years of experience, I created ABG Lashes, out of a desire to create an inclusive beauty brand that catered to the lash needs of beauty consumers with diverse eye and cheekbone shapes, as well as feature diverse models wearing our lashes.

We provide lashes that are shorter millimeter in length with an ultra-permed J and L shaped curl, perfect for bringing lashes up and over the eyelid fold, while being relative in length to the depth of your face.

We welcome you into the ABG family, you are beautiful and you are loved. 

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Crystal G. 


What does ABG mean?

ABG is a cultural term that has developed popularity in the Asian American lexicon for the past several years, the term has been used to define a type of girl who would wear lashes, parties, and get into legal trouble, but the term has evolved over the years and sort of come to loosely define any asian girl who wears lashes and goes to parties. It is interchangeable with "Asian Baby Girl" and "Asian Boba Girl" although "All Beauty Goals" is what our brand promotes. 

What material are your lashes made of?

Starting January 2022, all of our lashes will be made with premium synthetic material in respect to the rising animal cruelty incidents within the false lash industry, and major false eyelash retailers prohibiting the selling of mink lashes. 

How many times can I wear these lashes?

With proper care you can wear these lashes as many times as you want. Ideally one pair can last you two weeks and up. 

How do I know what lash style best suits me?

All of our lash styles are universal and have been tested on a diverse pool of users of all ethnicities. There are many online guides that will help estimate what lash style would look best given your eye shape, our own guide will be coming soon. 

Consumers are encouraged to try different lashes and make note of what style (listed on the box) was their favorite.

Do I have to be asian to wear these lashes?

Our brand is inspired by Asian American culture, but we are not excluding or shunning anyone. We are an inclusive beauty brand that welcomes diversity. In fact, we celebrate it. We wanted to share our solution for consumers who had difficulty finding lashes of their eyeshapes and lack of information and products to help consumers. 

What is your shipping and return policy?
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